Who are we?

Diabetico has uncovered a primary metabolic dysfunction present in T1D as well as identifying a new and unique protein that has the potential to be the target of new precision medicine for early diagnosis and effective treatment of T1D.

We're developing a proprietary point of care diagnostic test to identify T1D with precision, with the potential to screen a broader population for TD1. Our preliminary studies have demonstrated >90% accuracy in identifying T1D in animal models and patients. We have identified a path to develop a companion-targeted therapy, potentially stopping progression T1D.

Our Solution

A simple test that predicts Type 1 diabetes and opens the avenue of a companion-drug.

Prediction & Progression

Diabetico aspires to transform the landscape of T1D screening. 


With more accurate and broader prediction, T1D management will improve.  

Discovery & Development

Diabetico’s technology has the potential to facilitate companion-drug development.


Diabetico will ultimately generate positive impact and alleviate the burden of T1D.